Our choice of theme for this inaugural show reflects our enthusiasm in painting the natural world. To enjoy plein-air painting is to arrest the moment, "stop the car, this is where we should paint!". To convey the energy and excitement or the quiet and calm of these settings, is our challenge.

We give truth to the existence of the waterways of the Canadian landscape. We are surrounded on three sides by oceans and we all live close to a lake or river. The abundance of this natural resource defines our Canadian history and the present. Still or wild, water is foundational to the experience of being Canadian.

The four painters in this show comprise the PORDS: Kim Atkins, Heidi Burkhardt, Kat Palmer and Maurice Snelgrove. We are a group of painters who have enjoyed working and showing together for a number of years. Each one of us works independently and maintains our own art practice. We so enjoy the synergy that happens when we have the opportunity to contemplate a subject together and each arrive at our own unique take on a beautiful setting.

PORDs painting in Nova Scotia

PORDs painting in Newfoundland

The PORDs are delighted and honoured to be part of the first official show for Gallery X. Scarborough needs a new gallery space. Collectively the PORDs have deep roots in Scarborough having worked, lived and shown work in Scarborough. We support Gallery X's energy and the drive toward this goal.