Kat Palmer

Katherine is a Toronto-based painter. She trained as a sculptor and came to painting later in her career. She exhibits in Toronto galleries including the Leslie Grove, Latitude 44, the Carrier and Westmount galleries.  She has participated in numerous online and outdoor shows including Art Walk in the Square, Riverdale Art Walk and the Queen West Art Crawl.

She is also active in the Toronto arts community and is currently on the Board of the Artists’ Network, Toronto .

Her paintings and sculpture have been featured  online and in print media, including the National Post.

Kat Palmer: Artist’s Statement

"Landscape painting is about all the senses for me. How does a natural setting makes one feel? It can take me a while to decide on a focus for a painting as I take in the colour and mood of the place. I’m drawn to the amazing colour found in the natural world – strong and vibrant through to subtle and muted.

For the last few years I’ve been particularly taken by the marsh. The saltwater marsh is ‘the in-between place’ where transformation happens. Marshes of all types are vital for the health of the environment. They filter the water, nurture wildlife and protect shorelines. Marshes also help to mitigate the effects of the wildness of oceans and lakes. While teeming with wildlife, they are also calm and quiet places.

I treasure my travels with a group of like-minded artists, the PORDS, who enjoy working en plein-air. Recent trips included a sojourn in Cape Cod and experiencing the awe and majesty of the Gaspé."