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Hello Gallery X Members

We are all looking forward to a joyous holiday season and I would like to extend to you Season’s Greetings from our Gallery Board of Directors and our volunteers.

2021 was a year of accomplishment for our virtual gallery, in both an experimental way, and in the corporate developments that must take place for us to move forward as a legal entity.

We have now hosted three virtual exhibitions that have given us experience as a gallery and have provided some interesting opening evenings for our cultural community and important pandemic exposure for our artists. Artists have presented their exhibitions with meaning and impact, and Scarborough and the World have been able to view these exhibitions online for lengthy periods of time.

Past and Present Exhibitions

Our first exhibition was an international joint exhibition between The National Watercolor Society of the United States and the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour. This outstanding exhibition opened in San Pedro California and went completely virtual on Gallery X as the pandemic moved in and closed of the physical opening that had been planned for The Helson Gallery in Georgetown. People from across Canada and the United States got to view this exhibition in their own living rooms and can continue to do so at the archival sites still present at www.GalleryXScarborough.com

Our Second Exhibition exhibited the work of The PORDS, Kim Atkins, Heidi Burkhardt, Kat Palmer, and Maurice Snelgrove, a Scarborough and environs group of four who have been painting landscapes together for over 40 years. During the virtual opening this group talked about their work and answered questions that might not normally be asked in a regular exhibition venue. So, there are many advantages formerly unrecognized in this new and presently necessary virtual situation. If fact we have now recognized that even when the pandemic is over and we are back to ‘in the flesh’ exhibitions, these virtual exhibitions are likely to remain with us for ever.

Our third exhibition mounted by renowned international photographer Phil Bergerson, a lifetime Scarborough resident, brought a most interesting discussion regarding the photographer’s process and the discussion of his work, a most meaningful evening for all those who will never look at photography again in quite the same light.

2022 is still in the planning stage, a time when we will make seasoned adjustments to our processes and presentations. It is a time of growth for our fledgling board, and we will be reaching out into the community to help improve our all round performance.


In the second half 2021 Gallery X sought to build an initial membership list by inserting a subscribe button on our website. During 2022 we will be seeking to make that list much bigger, and we encourage you to have all your friends who support the arts subscribe to be a member. It doesn’t cost a penny and it gives confidence to everyone that the interest is there and that we are moving in the right direction. The ultimate goal is to have a substantial art gallery in Scarborough. One would think that only matters to the people in Scarborough, but it actually matters to many artists across our country and also to all our major societies and groups who need decent galleries to exhibit their work, and to bring their art and ideas to the population.

Exhibitions in 2022

We are still in the planning stages for next year but we now have the confidence that we can produce good exhibitions that will send Scarborough to the world and bring the world to Scarborough.

Sponsorship and working with the business community

Art and culture are part of our everyday lives, in the houses we live, in the design of our environment, in the expression of our citizens, in the films that we view, the paintings we admire, the pottery on the shelf, and the design of our clothes. It follows that we should as a gallery be working closely with the business community who design and provide for our everyday living. They do wish to make their contribution to the growth of a vibrant community for their families and for their employees, and one way that they can do that is by supporting the arts through sponsorship, encouragement, and participation. If you know of companies, big or small, who would like to participate in our sponsorship programs please let us know at galleryxscarborough@gmail.com We will be glad to have a nice chat with any person or company who is interested in working with The Existential Art Gallery of Scarborough.


At the present time everybody in the Gallery X organization is a volunteer. It’s true. We are all working together to secure a substantial art gallery for Scarborough. If you or anyone you know would like to join us as a volunteer, we would like to hear from you. We can be reached at galleryxscarborough.com. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated by The Board and the other volunteers. As you may know volunteering can provide you with a lot of satisfaction and enjoyment and also expand your friendships. We need volunteers of all ages with every type of ability. Really. Think about it. Thank you.

Funding Applications

As you may already know The Existential Art Gallery of Scarborough has no funding at the present time. We are working on it. There are many different kinds of grants for a not-for-profit organizations such as ours. If you are a person who likes meticulous work and quietly filling out forms with all kinds of information then you could be very helpful to The Existential Art Gallery of Scarborough. Funding is a very important part of volunteer Not-For-Profit organizations and that is what we are. We are incorporated and we are in the process of applying for charitable status because we have done all the paper work involved in accomplishing these important official positions but the next step is to fill out even more papers that may indeed help us with funding a budget for our projects and exhibitions.

The Gallery X Website www.galleryxscarborough.com

We are presently working on our website to improve its looks and viability. In the middle of a pandemic it is perhaps the most important factor in providing virtual exhibitions, and working with our membership and the public, not to mention, representing ourselves to the cultural and business community. We think the site is going to be an exciting place to put in some volunteer effort if you are proficient at web building aspects. Often there are young people looking to put their volunteer school credits to good use so it you are looking for such an experience this may be a place where we can use your special talents.

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